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Next Lean Coffee

  Date:  Fall 2017 Coming Soon!

  Time:  8:00AM - 9:30AM

  Location:  Provision Learning and                              Innovation Center - 3rd                              Floor Lonas Room


What is Lean Coffee?
Lean Coffee is an opportunity for lean professionals to discuss ideas, experiences, issues and/or improvements in lean. These informal networking events are structured but agenda-less meetings focused on topics that are important to the group. It is also an opportunity to share and learn from your peers and experts from around the region. 

Who should join?

  • Lean professionals
  • Quality and safety professionals
  • Leadership in companies and health systems utilizing lean
  • Employees involved with lean in their company or health system
  • Anyone interested in Lean

What to bring?

  • Please brainstorm ahead of time and bring at least two topics to discuss during the meeting.
  • A willingness to share your experiences so we can learn from each other and improve.
  • Business cards

Meeting plan

  1. Set up a personal kanban: Create three categories: items to discuss, currently discussing, and discussed
  2. Determine what to discuss: Each person writes down ideas on Post-it Notes. Once complete, each person briefly explains their topic.
  3. Vote and talk: Priority vote on selected topics. Each person gets two votes. Place votes by putting tic marks on the post-it notes. Begin group discussion with the post-it note with the most votes. Talk for 5 minutes. Vote thumbs up or thumbs down to continue the discussion. If thumbs up, talk for 3 minutes. If thumbs down, move the next most popular topic.
  4. Discuss takeaways 
  5. Share with your work team

Find out more:

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